Tactical Operations
During a operations, you do not have time to think about a second option on the field. You need to make decisions quickly. Understanding what is happening from the air allows the ground forces to have the information they need to make the best decisions.
Convoy Security
In some cases, the best tactic is open operations. You want your potential enemies to know that you are watching them. To ensure the safety of an area or a crowded community of people, it is necessary to constantly and regularly monitor the perimeter of the area. ARI UAV's allow you to plan the flight route in advance and control multiple units at the same time, so you can ensure stable and continuous air safety.
Covert Operations
It is easier to carefully plan your next move when you know exactly what the target is doing. Instant intelligence access-especially beyond your line of sight- is vital. Access to this information with the ARI UAV platform is literally a few clicks away.


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